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For Managers and Leaders in
Government Institutions

What is the Human-Centered
Leadership Toolkit?

The Toolkit is a companion piece for the best-selling book A New Kind of Power: Using Human-Centered  Leadership to Drive Innovation, Equity, and Belonging in Government Institutions. It’s like a field manual to guide managers through an experiential, step-by-step process to build high-performing team culture.

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What's in the Toolkit?

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The Toolkit has 3 interactive online courses (see courses on the left).  Each course features video content with reflective exercises that keep the learner engaged.  At the heart of the learning though, are experiential activities that managers perform in real-time with their own teams to get results quickly and bring about immediate positive change. 

Who is this Toolkit for?

This Toolkit is for anyone who leads a team and wants to up their game! The tools are specifically designed for managers in government institutions. However, you don’t have to be a government employee to use it. The skills are transferable to any sector.

We are currently looking for managers willing to try out the early version of our Toolkit to give us feedback and help us grow. Those who purchase a Toolkit by November 15th will get several special bonuses including:


​• Weekly group coaching calls


• A Facebook community with like-minded professionals

• The chance to inform modifications to the Human-Centered Leadership Toolkit based on your specific needs and context


• Opportunities to chat directly with Founder Dara Barlin about your ideas for culture transformation

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*Percent increase depends on the level of implementation and readiness of the organization. 

What are the benefits of using the Toolkit?

While the Toolkit is new, the practices within it have been tested in government agency contexts around the country with great results. Based on prior results, you can expect to see the following:

20%-75%* improvement in

• Employee Engagement
• Productivity

• Collaboration

• Quality of Work

• Innovation

• Nimbleness

Where do I get the Toolkit? 

You can get a taste of the Toolkit for FREE by taking the Leadership Self-Assessment first! You’ll get to see your strengths and some of your blind spots. You will then use the results to guide which course is right for you.

If you are ready to purchase the Toolkit, click here or use the button below. 

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Message from the Founder, Dara Barlin

What are leaders saying about the Center for Transforming Culture's efforts in the field of Human-Centered Leadership?


“They provided thoughtful, engaging, interactive facilitation of our discussions about tough policy issues. The best facilitation I’ve ever seen, actually.”

-Senator Barbara Bollier

State of Kansas

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