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Planning for Equity and Efficiency

Planning for Equity and Efficiency is a nine-week mastermind* program designed for managers of teams in government agencies. The program is based on a quickly emerging new management method called Human-Centered Leadership. Participants in the program learn how to use this cutting-edge method to develop high-performing team culture in ways that improve employee sense of inclusiveness, belonging, and operational efficiency. Participants in similar programs have suggested a range of additional positive benefits including:


  • Improved employee engagement

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved collaboration

  • Better time-management

  • Fewer HR complaints

  • Improved quality of work

  • Cost-savings

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*Mastermind: A short-term skills-building program that brings a small group of people together with similar contexts and goals. An expert facilitator supports the learning process by sharing tools and strategies to help participants develop skills over time. However, participants also learn from peers by exchanging best practices, identifying leverage points for change and sharing honest feedback as efforts to transform the workplace take shape. 

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