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International Best Seller: 
A New Kind of Power:
Using Human-Centered Leadership to Drive Innovation, Equity and Belonging in Government Institutions
Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Do you remember that classic I Love Lucy episode where Lucy and Ethel are working at the chocolate factory? The manager comes in and bellows that if even one chocolate slips by without being wrapped, they will be fired on the spot. As the conveyor belt starts picking up speed, they can't keep up and in an act of desperation start stuffing their hats and mouths so they won't get in trouble. When they see their manager coming back, they swallow what they can and hide the rest of the missed chocolates down their shirts. The ruse works. Clearly pleased with Lucy and Ethel’s “success”, the manager believes they can take on a bigger load and directs the conveyor belt controller to, “Speed it up!” 


First aired on TV in 1952, this iconic skit has stood the test of time. It STILL makes people laugh. Comedy is supremely well-suited at revealing our shortcomings. In this case, it's great at showing us why so many of our government institutions are, sadly, set up to fail. And not the “good” kind of fail, where something valuable is learned and the institution grows from the experience. It’s the “bad” kind of fail, where taxpayer dollars get wasted, drama ensues, and smart policy initiatives fly off the rails like unwrapped chocolates.

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