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Creating a
High-Performance Team Culture
 (Online Leadership Development Program & Mastermind*)


Most organizations have been using the same traditional factory-based method of management for decades. Tell people what to do, and write them up if they don't do it. While it's worked well for executing basic operations, research now shows that these old techniques create many human challenges that get in the way of achieving organizational goals. Some of these issue include: apathetic or disengaged employees that just show up for the paycheck; blame-game tendencies that distract from the work; the perception of favoritism; and a compliance mindset which stifles growth and innovation. As a result, many teams suffer from reduced productivity, petty conflicts, lower quality work, and status quo thinking. 

This is a 12-24 Week Mastermind* Program (online) that was designed for managers and leaders who want to address these issues and develop high-performance teams using a new cutting-edge method emerging in the field called Human-Centered Leadership.

Participants will learn how to improve team productivity, innovation, collaboration, quality of work and other key outcomes. The Program includes weekly online discussions with an intimate community of peers, data-driven tools and strategies, practice sessions with feedback, one-on-one coaching and more. 

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
1)  Move from a culture of compliance to a culture of inspiration.
2) Quickly resolve conflicts with employees, other teams and communities being served. 
3) Foster a space of 'out-of-the-box thinking' and innovation on a daily basis. 
4) Turn around employees who are apathetic or reluctant to change.  

*Mastermind: A short-term skills-building program that brings a small group of people together with similar contexts and goals. An expert facilitator supports the learning process by sharing tools and strategies to help participants develop skills over time. However, participants also learn from peers by exchanging best practices, identifying leverage points for change and sharing honest feedback as efforts to transform the workplace take shape. 

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