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Bridge-Builders in Business
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Many companies with CSR missions have committed to creating safe, inspiring and productive workplace environments. Yet, efforts sometimes get derailed because of deep divisions between individuals or within and across teams. To address this issue, the Center for Transforming Culture has created the Bridge-Builder’s in Business (BBB) Program.


BBB is a Group-based Coaching Program that helps leaders modify their organization's policies and practices to support quick movement past disagreements that are inhibiting the work. Instead, leaders will learn highly-effective techniques to get everyone moving in the same direction with a unified vision for success.


BBB is a three-week intensive mastermind* program where a small cohort of senior corporate leaders from a variety of settings meet online bi-weekly in a safe, no-judgment environment to:

  • Explore the underlying systemic factors that are leading to tensions within the organization.

  • Learn three user-friendly systems to quickly de-escalate conflict and build trust at all levels.

  • Understand how to modify policies and practices to generate a spirit of unity and a common vision for success.

  • Get coached on how to overcome conflicts specific to each workplace context.

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