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 Transforming Culture in Government Institutions

A FREE 90 min Masterclass for Managers of Teams in Government Agencies and Political Offices

Managers in fast-paced government institutions are constantly pushed for time juggling senior leadership demands and putting out fires, while still trying to navigate staff challenges slowing down the work. This masterclass will enable you to address these issues through a new type of management approach that's easier to use and getting better results. It's called ‘Human-Centered Leadership’. 


​Benefits of Human-Centered Leadership include:

  • more time and headspace for managers

  • improved employee engagement and initiative

  • more team collaboration and mutual support

  • improved productivity and quality of work

  • deeper sense of inclusiveness and belonging

  • more employee creativity and innovation

  • better mental health and wellbeing for all

In this Masterclass you will...

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Presented by Dara Barlin

Dara Barlin is the lead author of the Best-Selling Book A New Kind of Power: Using Human-Centered Leadership to Drive Innovation, Equity and Belonging in Government Institutions & CEO of the Center for Transforming Culture. Dara's research has been featured in the U.S. Congress, United Nations, CA Governor's Office, NYC Department of Education, Harvard Education Spotlight, and the UK's Institute for Public Policy Research. 

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