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Calling All Bridge-Builders!!

Are you tired of the screaming and hateful words between red states and blue? Have you wondered if there’s a better way?

Join us!! 

red blue fight.png

Be a part of a campaign and web series that's healing rifts in America, one conversation at a time.

Who We Are:

We are a bunch of liberals and conservatives who are sick of the fighting. We’re coming together to heal the rifts between us by sitting down and actually listening to one another. We’re going to show the world how to have productive conversations using empathy that goes in all directions. Because when we hear each other better, we can rise above the hate and find better solutions to our country's problems!

Here's What You Get When You Sign Up:

* A chance to be a part of something big 

* Free tools to have difficult conversations

(& ensure others are actually listening to you) 

* A community of awesome new friends who believe in kindness & mutual-respect 

* A chance to be on a cool new Internet show! 

* A chance to win a trip for two to Hawaii (we’ll explain how when you sign up)


Bridge-Builders Campaign 

Photo by Hazel Clifton on Unsplash

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